About the Owner.
Danny Jackson AKA PIG was born & raised in Southampton along the south coast before moving to the Isle of Wight in the mid 80’s. He spent most of his Childhood (and indeed adulthood) riding & rolling around on BMX & Skateboards. He joined the Parachute Regiment at 16; as a Junior Para, where the nickname Pig was first coined. He left the Paras in 2000 due to a serious Motorbike crash.

Pigs main style is Pop Parody; Artworks and designs are inspired by various loves of Danny (Pig) from Petrol, Armed Services, to football, skateboarding & Boxing (where he is a coach at Eastleigh ABC) Papa India Golf is a very small family run business and is the retail outlet for Danny & Friends We produce most items internally as a small team which ensures quality and speed of turn-a-round.

Giving Back - Over the Years we have and continue to support many Charities & Initiatives. From Sponsoring events to the Parachute Regiment Rugby Team & Eastleigh Boxing Club to supporting a Children’s Brain Tumour Charity and various other Armed Services Charities.

If you would like us to support your charity, initiative or sponsorship please get in contact - we can’t help everyone but we will do our best.